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Val Thorens Internet and Wifi

Val Thorens have installed Wifi through-out the resort, in the past this has not been free, however it is now! Yipee!
It is even available whilst sitting on a chair lift, which is quite cool if you are skiing alone and need to contact someone. As with all Wifi services sometimes they are not available or not quick enough, so below are some other solutions.

Using the computers in the Tourist Office’s isn’t too expensive and is a good option if you haven’t brought a device to surf the web. If you need to use a computer to connect to the internet you can also use the ones in the Bowling alley. However, if you have a laptop/tablet/Iphone/Ipad/Smartphone/kettle you can use several Wifi hotspots. The first is the Tourist Office one as we have mentioned, however you don’t need to pay if you are willing to drag yourself down to a bar. Now there’s an excuse to go to the pub! ‘Just going down to pickup my emails love’!

Lots of bars provide free Wifi but it is however polite to buy a drink first. One to mention is The Frog and Roastbeef, the English pub of the resort has a very good broadband link but can be quite loud at certain times (apres) of the day.

Val Thorens have added FREE Wifi hotspots at some of their ski lifts departure stations and on the lifts themselves, the signal can be a little hit and miss though.

Don’t forget SkiGB is a lightweight website therefore when viewed on your mobile device the amount of data downloaded is kept to a minimum which saves you money and speeds up your surfing! Still the same website name so bookmark on your phone so you are ready to use when in resort.