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The Best Ski Resort for Guaranteed Snow

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by SkiGB

There are ski resorts, and then there are those resorts that stand head and shoulders above the rest, whether they are located up a mountain or not. These are the ski resorts that have plenty to offer all levels of skiers, are suitable for both couples and families and, the biggie, have guaranteed snow. Add into the mix the stunning setting, outstanding après ski and easy accessibility there can only be one resort we are talking about; Val Thorens.

Situated in the immense Trois Vallees ski region, Val Thorens is more an experience than a mere resort. The fact that is was named as both France’s and the world’s top ski resort speaks volumes for what visitors can expect from the moment they arrive until they depart; with guaranteed heavy hearts. The best winter sports playground you will find exudes a unique atmosphere that gives it the highest volume of return visitors of all the European ski resorts. In short; Val Thorens is attitude at altitude.

While thought of as a premier ski resort, and rightly so, Val Thorens has as much going on off piste as on it. This gives it a mass appeal as it allows mixed groups to travel together and those whose who don’t have a penchant for hurtling down mountainsides at breakneck speeds can still have an awesome holiday. From morning ’til night there is a packed entertainment and activities programme that will have you spoilt for choice.



For the past 40 years Val Thorens has not only moved with the times but led the way when it comes to changing attitudes and the increasing thirst visitors have for ski resorts that offer more than the norm. With concerts, a bowling alley, a Michelin starred restaurant, world class spa facilities and, of course, some of the best skiing conditions you will find anywhere in the world, this is one resort that will never go out of fashion.

There are also plenty of opportunities for thrill junkies to get a buzz off the slopes as Val Thorens is the last word in winter adventures. If you fancy hurtling around Europe’s highest ice track in a high powered car, paragliding over the Alps, feeling the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you jump onto giant airbags or want to experience high speed tobogganing this is the resort for you.

That said it is also a fabulous resort for families as little people are well catered for in Val Thorens. They have their own fun packed entertainment programme which guarantees you will never hear them utter the dreaded words “I’m bored”. Where better to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of winter sports than here? With a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets your kids will be looking forward more to their winter break than their summer beach holiday.

Film buffs can enjoy the unique experience of watching one of their favourite movies in the world’s highest cinema before enjoying the exemplary après ski courtesy of the many bars, restaurants and nightclubs which pepper the resorts landscape. In short, Val Thorens surpasses all expectations of its guests as to what you can expect from a premier ski resort. A trip here ensures you have a trip that will be remembered for all the right reasons, and then some.

If this has wet your appetite and would like to know more about staying in Val Thorens head over to our accommodation page for more details.

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