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Day 4 of our Meribel focus

Posted on: February 10th, 2016 by SkiGB

Welcome to day 4 of this week’s run up to half term Meribel focus. I’m sorry we are posting this a little later today, there is a very reason and i would just like to say it wasn’t my fault! More on that later on.


Wednesday 10th February 2016


Some days when you are on the snow it reminds you why you put up with the bad ski days, today was one of those. Where we saw rain yesterday today was completely different. With the recent snow fall over night the snow conditions have gone from a soggy sloppy mess to bright white fluffy powder.
If you can imagine white candy floss spread over a beautiful landscape, today was a GOOD day!


Most of the day though the cloud hung around which at times made the light flat, but every so often the Sun came out and lit up the mountain to give you a perfect view.
Through-out the day it snowed steadily, not too much to stop you seeing but enough to make a difference under the ski.

It was best to keep low and near the trees as higher up it got a little foggy.

Queue were low today and once again the slopes were not too busy so looking after the snow for next week.
The forecast for tomorrow looks like a day you would miss your best friends wedding for, after all no friends on a powder day!

Now back to the reason this post is a little late. I was very happily skiing alone with some friends and they DRAGGED me kicking and screaming to Ront Point (bar on piste) and forced a brownish cold liquid down my throat several times over! I highly recommend you don’t do this as it makes your eye sight blurry and you become wobbly, not fun!

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