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Le Fitz Roy Hotel – Val Thorens

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by SkiGB

Right at the heart of Val Thorens, nestled at the top of the Three Valleys, stands Le Hotel Fitz Roy. As one of the most renowned hotels in the world’s largest ski area, a stay at le Fitz Roy brings with it a great deal of expectation. As with many hotels with a formidable reputation for quality service and luxury, one might think that le Fitz Roy has the potential to be somewhat underwhelming for some of the more potentially presumptuous guests. This is, however, certainly not the case. Somehow, regardless of your expectations, le Fitz Roy Hotel manages only to impress.

The building itself is stunning. The classic chalet architecture makes one feel immediately welcome. This natural charm is reflected inside the hotel, more so following extensive refurbishment works, completed in 2013. The newly decorated interiors clearly aspire to make guests feel at home and comfortable in the occasionally harsh mountains, and they succeed in every respect.

Public areas vary between opulently spacious and intimately cozy, and the classic décor of all rooms have been given a light brushing with the modern. Iconic furniture sets the overall tone, but warm, neutral colours, modern luxuries, and comforting fabrics bring the hotel squarely into the 21st Century.


Each room either faces the slopes or the mountains; each view is similarly breathtaking so there will be no disappointment when you are given your room number. If you have a preference, I found the staff to be more than willing to accommodate if possible. Even basic rooms at le Fitz Roy Hotel match executive suites in other hotels in terms of luxury, but there are superb options for those wanting something grander and more exclusive. Available upgrades include a split-level room, a two-floor suite, or an entire floor for parties of 10 or more. I urge people to visit the hotel’s website to see the beauty of the rooms; description will inevitably fall short.

One thing that must be mentioned in a review of this hotel is the view. While it seems somewhat unfair to critique accommodation with reference to obviously magnificent surroundings, I think it is part of the genius of this hotel that it manages to blend itself into the surroundings. Val Thorens is the highest resort in the world, and the Three Valleys is, for me, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Alps. The layout of this grand chalet, not to mention its location, make it so easy to take in the valley. Feeling constantly awe-struck when you venture onto the slopes, which are literally on your doorstep, and then returning to le Fitz Roy Hotel is what makes this hotel so brilliant.

As one would expect, the restaurant at le Fitz Roy Hotel is arguably one of the best places to eat in Val Thorens, and the bar is romantic beyond belief. The compulsion to get outside and ski is remarkably tempered once you have spent an afternoon sprawled on a sofa, lost in the fire that sits at the centre of the room. Every meal on the restaurant’s menu is exquisite; if there would be one place where you felt confident ordering simply the ‘chef’s recommendation’, it would be here. After seven nights dining in the restaurant, I never once felt as though I could have received better fare elsewhere.

The hotel is located on the place de Caron which is in the centre of the resort, this is where all the events of the resort takes place. New Year has the most special fireworks display which you would have the best view on your balcony.

Skiing to and from the hotel really couldn’t be easier. In the morning just click your skis in and scoot off down the piste. At the end of the day it is just as easy as there is a small lift that take you back to your hotel door, it’s as if they made it just for you!

Being in the centre of the resort also makes it easy to walk to the shops or Tourist Office as they too are on your doorstep, possibly one of the best locations of the resort.

Of course, there are many other facets that make le Fitz Roy Hotel an exceptional place to stay in the Three Valleys, if not the best; the fully-equipped, newly refurbished Spa facilities being one of the best things to indulge in while spending a week at this mountain retreat. However, a review must focus on the key attributes, and this hotel’s are sublimely simple: food, views and location. It is rare for a hotel to be of the highest quality based on these factors alone, but then le Fitz Roy Hotel is not your usual hotel.


The Statistics

How many Stars: 5* Hotel

Sleeps: 112 people

Closeness to the piste: Ski in Ski out

Resort location: On place de Caron, the centre of the resort

Style: Modern whilst keeping it’s roots

Swimming Pool: Yes

Spa: Yes

Michelin Stars: none

Specialness: It has the most comfy piano bar in the resort which crackling fire

Internet: Free WiFi

Disabled Facilities: Yes in rooms

Pets allowed: Yes

Our rating: 4/5

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