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Michael Schumacher in Ski Accident in Meribel 

Posted on: December 29th, 2013 by SkiGB

Seven times Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher was involved in a skiing accident in Meribel this Sunday 29th December around 11am. He was skiing with his 14 year old son off piste and hit his head on a rock. Fortunately he was wearing a helmet otherwise the injuries would have been worse.
They were skiing in the La Dent de Burgin ski area.
He was airlifted to the local hospital in Moutiers but was discharged fairly quickly afterwards.
This is the latest incident this week with the recent avalanches and highlights the importance of wearing a helmet when skiing or snowboarding.


* Update 30th December 2013
Since the initial accident and check up at Moutiers hospital Michael has been moved to Grenoble Hospital, which is the main hospital on the area. They have now induced Michael into a coma they have concerns with his brain and is in ‘critical condition’.
Are thought are with him and his family. We will update this post as and when we have more news.
* Update 30th December 2013 11am

Latest news from the doctors in Grenoble Hospital where Michael Schumacher is being treated. They are saying it is too early to say what condition Michael is in until the swelling around his brain has gone down. This is normal practice for brain trauma. They also said that he is still in critical condition and is fighting for his life. Michael is extremely fit for a man in his 20s let alone 40s. We should not under estimate the job the helmet did, without it Michael would not be with us now.
We are not expecting to hear too much now for a day or so until the swelling has gone down. The good news is Michael is in the right place, Grenoble Hospital look after skiers who hurt themselves every day and know what they are doing.


* Update 31st December 2013

Last night the Doctors ran a new scan which showed an improved situation, therefore they offered a new operation to the family which was completed last night. Another scan was taken this morning (31st) which showed a slight improvement. The operation last night reduced the pressure on the brain which allowed them to run another scan without putting Michael in danger. This scan showed that the injury has not got worse but a slight improvement, “The situation is better controlled since yesterday” says the Doctor.


It is never good to speculate what happened and we do not want to do so here, Michael is a very good skier and to split his helmet he would have needed to be travelling quite fast. There is a lot of rocks about as the snowfall hasn’t provided the deepest of bases in places. It would be very easy to catch a rock and propel you into the air therefore increasing speed.
Whatever happened I’m sure we will learn more in the coming days. It has now been 48 hours since the accident which is normally the most important and he has a slight improvement, we now need him to keep improving.

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