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SkiGB started way back in 2003 to help British skiers go skiing as cheaply as possible whilst providing them with all the information they need to choose the right ski holiday.
Back in 2003 it wasn’t easy to find this type of ski holiday information as the Internet was still on the nursery slopes.
Our aim from the start was to provide useful impartial advice and information on ski resorts, their facilities and accommodation options, more than 15 years later nothing has changed (apart from our website and our clothes).
Over the years our website has changed a lot and offers more ways to help find your perfect ski holiday.

The Future

Throughout our history, we have improved our website as technology has changed to offer new ways to find the content you are interested in.
This isn’t stopping as we are investing heavily in creating our new website which will see the biggest change we have ever done.
As we get closer to our grand launch we will be letting you know what’s new and information about our grand launch offers.
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Finally, if you like to read about skiing and gossip from the resorts you should zip over to our blog.

Enjoy your season!

Stuart Cole
Founder of SkiGB