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Travelling to and from the Alps by car is very popular with the British snow-sports enthusiast, not only can it be cheaper but it is much more flexible than flying out. However, there are some things you need to be aware of, the main things are the weather and the traffic reports. We recommend bookmarking this page on your phone/tablet so you can quickly get the info on the move!


The obvious condition to be aware of is a heavy snow fall at the time of your travel. Will it affect your journey and how bad will it get? Here are a couple of links to websites that show the localised weather for the Alps:

Meteo France – Savoie Region

AccuWeather – Albertville

AccuWeather – Bourg Saint Maurice

AccuWeather – Chambery

AccuWeather – Moutiers

AccuWeather – Orelle

AccuWeather – Saint Martin de Belleville

AccuWeather – Tignes

AccuWeather – Val d’Isere


Not the normal consideration needed when driving however driving in the Alps it can be a little different! To stop avalanches falling on roads it is not uncommon for the roads to be temporally closed whilst they remove the threat of a possible avalanche. This tends to be planned in advance therefore you can plan your journey to miss these times. We recommend following the ski resorts social media feed to be informed of these times, we will of course inform you as well via these social media accounts:

SkiGB Twitter

SkiGB Facebook


The best site we know of which is kept up to date very regular is the one from Savoie-Route (link below), it shows up to date traffic hold ups so worth a look!

Traffic Report

Safe driving!