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Ski Insurance

We’re sure you are all aware of Travel Insurance, however you might not know too much about Ski Insurance. Firstly please don’t gloss over this subject and say ‘I’m sure we are covered by our credit card’ because you might not be! However some credit cards do provide ski insurance, but please do check!

Ok what to look for. If you have travel insurance already (like an annual policy) make sure it says it covers Skiing and the correct location in the world (normally they ask either skiing in Europe or USA).

If you are a good skier and go off-piste then you need to check a little more carefully. It has to say it covers off-piste and not just skiing. If it just says skiing then it normally means that you need to stay on the pistes. For an off-piste policy you will need to look for around £5 million cover or more. Some common wording on this part of the policy says it will cover you off-piste with a guide (Mountain guide not a tour operator guide). If this is the case you are not covered if you go off-piste on your own (which isn’t wise anyway, but we mean off with friends and not with a mountain guide).

Whilst you are looking at the insurance try and get a good cover for lost property. We have seen it happen many times when the airline miss-lay ski bags and you don’t have any clothes to wear. Most companies cover this but remember ski clothing is quite expensive especially in the resort. Try to add up a ‘must have’ clothing list so you can still ski whilst waiting for your bags to arrive the next day. If you spread your clothing over several bags there is less chance you can’t ski.

Some insurance companies reduce prices if you use a helmet (which SkiGB recommend you do anyway!).