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Ski Clothing

What ski clothes should I to buy?

Going skiing for the first time without any advise on what clothing you need can be a little daunting. Therefore we thought with our decades of experience in skiing and ski resorts we would give you a run down of the must have clothes for your first ski trip.
Obviously we will not go down the ‘fashion’ side but more the items needed, if you want a pink jacket and line green ski trousers that’s completely up to you.

Starting from the top of the body down:

  • Helmet: Skiing is a dangerous sport so protecting your head is very important. We feel a helmet is very important but can cost over £100. If you are not sure if you will be skiing again after this trip we suggest you rent a helmet from your ski hire company. If you are not hiring skis or your shop doesn’t provide helmets we have some information on renting helmet on our ski rental page.
  • Hat: Depending on what time of the year and which resort you go to it can get quite cold and a hat might be needed. There are loads of online shops that sell some fantastic hats, we have listed some of our favourites on our ski and snowboarding hats page.
  • Thermals: As mentioned in the hat section it can get cold up in the mountains so having at least one set of top and bottom thermals is recommended. We have created some useful information on Ski and Snowboarding Thermals here.