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Ski Chalets

Going on a Ski Holiday and staying in a Ski Chalet is one of the nicest ways to enjoy the mountains.

Whether you and your group fill up the whole Chalet or joining other holiday makers the results are the same, relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable.

We have gathered together some of the best quality Chalets which are located in convenient locations within the resort.

SkiGB specialise the Ski Resorts that are favourites with British snow worshipers.

Ski Chalet Food

Staying in a Ski Chalet is like home from home, but with more cake!

Your private chef will not only create sumptuous breakfasts and dinners but will also bake you a cake ready for when return from Apres Ski!

Breakfast includes a hot and cold options and the evening dinner consists of a 3 course feast.

If you have any dietary requirements you will need to inform the Chalet at time of booking.

Wine is usually included which doesn’t stop until at least the end of the meal, sometimes longer.

Chalet Layout

Most Ski Chalets are individual buildings consisting of a number of bedrooms most likely with ensuite bathrooms. A communal lounge and Kitchen area. A Ski and Boot room to store your, well, ski boots and Skis. Then additionally more luxurious Chalets could have Saunas, Steam rooms and even private swimming pools.

How big are Ski Chalets?

The size of the chalets range from small 6 person properties to large 20+ person chalets. If you are interested in Chalets that are larger we recommend also looking at Chalet-Hotels which are a mixture of the two.

Can I book the whole Chalet?

Yes of course. If this something that interests you recommend booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Are Ski Chalets suitable for Children?

Some Chalets are for adults only, you will be able use the filters in our search but most are child friendly