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Val Thorens Bars

Val Thorens bars are known for their night life, there are some very good nights to be had in the resort. Here is a quick run down of the main bars and roughly where they are, you shouldn’t have any problem finding them. Lets start at the top moving down the resort.

The Red Fox

A nice little bar in the Les Balcons area, good atmosphere and the odd Karaoke nights. Ideal if you are staying in one of the apartments up there. You ski directly to it but it is a little thin and steep for the last few metres.

Tango Bar & Hotel

Image of the Tango bar in Val Thorens

The Tango Bar and Hotel

This is a Swedish hotel bar and is located on the bottom floor of Hotel Tango. Recently completely refurbished and extended (you wouldn’t recognise the place) this is a great place for a drink. The bar is a good size, however there is one reason to go there, Cocktails! They are lethal beware!

The Frog and Roastbeef

Image of the Frog and Roastbeef Pub

The Frog and Roastbeef Pub

The British bar of the resort which is also ‘The highest Pub in Europe’ is funny enough located at the top end of the resort. They serve pub grub in the day which includes a superb roast and the best burgers in the resort. But at night is when it really wakes up, live bands, live DJs and a host of pub games.

Cafe Snesko

Image of Cafe Snesko

Cafe Snesko

A small Danish bar next to the Frog and Roastbeef which is a must to visit whilst you are there. If jumping around and singing as loud as you can is your thing, then you are in heaven!


Image of the Saloon Bar

Saloon Bar & Downunder Bar

Over the past year or so the Saloon bar has got bigger by buying up the Viking pub and expanding over two floors. Mainly a Danish bar but also hosts many university groups through-out the season. Includes the Downunder Bar.

O’Connell’s Bar

Image of O'Connells Bar

O’Connells Bar

The French owned, Dutch run Irish bar. This is the highest (see a pattern here) place in Europe where you can buy a draught Guinness. A slow paced bar where you can have a good natter about your days skiing. Unless of course you turn up there on St Patricks day! Forget quiet it is jammed packed!

Le Panda

Image of Le Panda

Le Panda

Used to be called El Gringos, then changed to the Yeti bar then changed back to El Gringos and now Le Panda, what it will be called next season who knows! A Great big terrace which sadly doesn’t get used much, a real shame. This bar is quite expensive and really doesn’t live up to it’s potential.

Rhum Box

A dinky little bar found behind Le Panda. Owned and run by a little French man (Mitch) who just loves Rhum (Rum if you couldn’t translate). There are loads of different flavours, including chilli rhum, kiwi rhum, cherry rhum, marmotte rhum (ok maybe not marmotte), they even sell Bacardi!

Now we move down to the centre of the resort. Quite a few here to choose from. They are mainly French bars, we will highlight a few.

Face West (previously Le Scapin)

Image of Face West

Face West

This restaurant is completely different to the Scapin days, it is in the best location in the centre of the resort and gets the sun, a very cool place to drink. It is called ‘Face West’ after the tough off-piste run on the west side of the Auguille de Pectlet, the main mountain peak in Val Thorens.

The Bowling Alley

Image of The Bowling Alley

The Bowling Alley

They have made a really nice bar inside the blowing alley, you sit on these weird but cool seats whilst watching close up live music. Speaking of which the owner of the bowling alley also owns the nightclub Malaysia (see Val Thorens nightclubs) who gets the best bands in the Alps, really good!

The Shamrock

Image of The Shamrock

The Shamrock

Now down to the Bottom of the resort, there is a lot less to choose from down there however the Irish bar The Shamrock and Grotte du Yeti (previously the Moo bar) which is located in the Temple building are probably the best. You may have noticed that the La Panda used to be called Grotte du Yeti, this is because the lady that owns the name also owns both the bar. The La Panda is now leased out.