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Val Thorens Bowling

A few years back Val Thorens was missing one important past time which goes hand in hand with ski resorts, Ten Pin Bowling. If have been to any other big French Ski resort you would have seen a Bowling Alley. The owners of this one (who also own Malaysia nightclub, Le Monde, 360 bar and a good slice of Folie Douce) have not held back, they have done a fantastic job. They use the modern computerized scoring system as found in the UK so there is no need to work out the scores yourself.
The equipment is all new or very close to it. Also there you will find an internet café (with computers and Wifi) and a cool looking bar.

Image of the Bowling Alley in Val Thorens

Val Thorens Bowling Alley

Additionally to the bowling they also have some pool tables and TV screens to watch your favourite team play. They host a live acoustic band most days around 6pm which are normally very good. Because of the link up with the Malaysia nightclub the live band from the club also sings here.

Prices at the bar are not the cheapest in resort so bare that in mind but still not as bad a London prices. It’s not the easiest place to find as it’s not on the main drag of shops but rather stuck behind the shops in a car park. If you were looking at the Tourist Office’s front door it is to the left of it between the buildings and behind the bank of Credit Agricole.