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Val Thorens Bus Station

Val Thorens have recently spent a fair amount of money on creating a new bus station waiting room, it’s very posh! This they hoped would make the Saturday change over day work much easier, sadly it doesn’t, it’s still a nightmare!

Saturdays are still bedlam due to the huge amount of people, buses and suitcases in a small area, it’s a tough problem to fix.

The Bus Station is located in the centre of the resort just next to the Sports Centre, speaking of which this is a popular place to wait for a bus as it is inside and warm. It is ideal as you can see down to the buses in the car park so you only need to go out there when the bus arrives (see photo top left window).

Image of the Bus Station in Val Thorens

Val Thorens Bus Station

There are also places to eat whilst you wait inside but can fill up quickly. The bus station is the only place in Val Thorens where state buses stop, only the free buses which drives round and round the resort stops at the bus stops dotted around Val Thorens.
These are quite frequent, they come around every 15mins so if you judge your timing right you can get the local bus with your bags to the main bus station.

If you wish to take a bus down the valley to Les Menuires or Saint Martin de Belleville or to an airport you will need to book a ticket for the bus at least two days in advance, these are sold in the Bus Station waiting room office.