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Val Thorens Car Parking

Val Thorens is a car FREE resort and do not allow anyone to park their cars on the road, instead you will need to park in one of the car parks in the resort. You are only allowed to park your car on the street on weekends and even then they are not too happy about it.
There are three main car parks in Val Thorens and they are called P0, P1 and P2 – there are more further down the hill you drive, which are also cheaper! Here is our run down of the car parks in Val Thorens, worth a read if you have a high car as some are too low for tall cars.

SkiGB’s mountain car is a Mitsubishi Shogun which is a large 4×4 – similar height to a Range Rover and Mercedes ML. Bare in mind if you intend on using a top box for your car, as that also adds to the height of the car, some people take the top box off when they get to Val Thorens and then store it inside the car, which isn’t always ideal.
There isn’t any room to store the box in your car park bay, the car park spaces are just big enough for the car.

We have parked our car in all the car parks – which we could fit in – to test ease of use, we rate them with our ‘Shogun Rate’.

Image of P1 Car Parking in Val Thorens

P1 Car Parking in Val Thorens

Parking P0

This is located at the Top of the resort. It is a multi-story car park which the cars are covered. This is the first car park that fills up as it is in a very good location. The height level is a little low and big cars will not fit, just like ours!

Shogun Rate: Not a hope!

Parking P1

This car park is located under the L’Arcelle (among others) apartment building and is right in the centre of the resort. Due to the location it fills up very quickly also, it is very near the shops and many big apartment buildings. Because it is under apartment buildings the height of it is quite low, only really for normal height cars.

Shogun Rate: No chance!

Parking P2

This car park is the biggest and the most popular in Val Thorens and is located at the bottom of the resort where some fairly big apartment buildings are. It is also a multi-story indoor car park, it also some how gets very dusty, our car is always a mess. It is the first car park you get to as you enter Val Thorens. The quickest way to get there is to turn right directly after the last (second) tunnel on the road, after you come out of the tunnel you will see Val Thorens and the welcome sign.

Shogun Rate: No problems here, plenty of height.

Parking P2D

This section of the P2 car park is outside and is really for campers, caravans, vans, big 4×4 with Top boxes.

Our advice is to book online and check the height of the roof if you have a tall car or top box (unless you want to take it off).

A little tip if you want to save some money, if you park down the valley in Les Menuires you can park on the road for FREE! You could combine dropping the car off/picking up the car with some skiing if you plan it right. We are not sure how long this will be the case as lots of people are now parking there. Les Menuires is also growing so parking is getting harder there now too.

To book online here is a link to Val Thorens Car Parking website.