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Here are our Val Thorens Chalet Reviews:

 We have not been in each of these buildings so please bare that in mind. We are only commenting on location, ease of skiing, facilities etc. We would love to hear from you and what you did or didn’t like about them, please let us know!

To help explain where they are we have split the resort into sections (obviously you could just look at our map I guess):

Bottom of Val Thorens

Middle of Val Thorens

Top of Val Thorens

Balcons (this is located slightly separated to the rest of the buildings at the top of the resort)

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Val Thorens – Les Neiges Eternelles

(Bottom of Val Thorens): High quality chalet. Good location for the bottom of resort. Not going to be cheap but you shouldn’t see any IKEA furniture either.

Val Thorens – Chalet Altitude

(Balcons):Great looking building. We hear rooms are a little small though. You can ski back but bit of a trek to start off in the morning, you will need to do a little walk. There is a lift in the apartment building opposite which lets you get down to the piste easy.

Val Thorens – Les Chalet du Soleil

Again not the easiest to ski from.

Val Thorens – Les Montagnettes Lombarde

Right on Piste so good location. Small building so should be quite.

Val Thorens – Les Montagnettes Soleil

Great location and a nice chalet to stay in. Ski in/out pretty easy.

Val Thorens – Les Montagnettes Valbel

Great location and a nice chalet to stay in. Ski in/out pretty easy.

Val Thorens – Chalet des Neiges Hermine

The good, it has a swimming pool (small one anyway), the bad it’s pretty run down now. It needs some money thrown at it. You can ski in/out but you have to be a fairly good skier as it’s off-piste. Otherwise a 5min walk.

Val Thorens – Chalet des Neiges Plein Sud

Only a few years old. You can ski almost to the door. Leaving in the morning will take 3mins.

Val Thorens – Chalet Val 2400

Skiing back ok, leaving in morning will take several minutes.

Le Balcons de Val Thorens

Once again a little further away from the main resort. Skiing back depends on snow conditions and quality of the skiing. Ski down Plain Sud and continue when it turns left.

Val Thorens – Les Ancolies

Great location as you are on the piste. But a good après ski is far away.

Val Thorens – Chalet le Cristallo

Very good location. Morning Ski is right outside the front door. Only a 2min walk back at the end of the day. New building so should be in good condition.

Val Thorens – Chalet les Trolles

Just above an estate agent and a bakery. Separate from other buildings. Very close to the Summit nightclub. Only a 2min walk either way to ski out/in.

Val Thorens – Val Chaviere

Right on the Piste. Great location as quiet part of resort.

Val Thorens – Le Sabot de Venus

New chalet. Nice piano bar albeit quite expensive. Ski in is good, a little 1min walk to ski out.

Val Thorens – Les Chalet du Thorens

I’ll start with the negative, it’s about 100 miles away from Val Thorens. Ok well not quite that far, but it’s far. It will take you about 20-30mins to walk into town. They do offer a ski-doo service though. The positive is though you couldn’t get more Ski in/out than here!

Val Thorens – Alaska

This part of the resort got built more or less at the same time so still in very good condition.



We hope this page has helped, we will be adding more information to it every season to make sure it is completely up to date. have many apartments of all sizes throughout the resort for rent, if you would like further information click onto our Val Thorens apartments to rent page.