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Val Thorens Petrol and Fuel Stations

Val Thorens Launderettes

Val Thorens Petrol Station

Not many ski resorts actually have a petrol station in the resort, but Val Thorens does which is great but we have a word of warning for you. It is not the cheapest place to fill up!
It’s great if you are close to running out to add a little before you leave the resort but we wouldn’t recommend filling your tank up to the top unless you have deep pockets. The next nearest fuel station is in Les Menuires, after that you will have to wait until you reach the bottom of the valley.
If you are running low on the way down there are only a couple of short sections you go up hill so you could almost free-wheel all the way down – don’t blame us if you don’t make it though.

We have a couple of tips for you. As mentioned on our Travelling to Val Thorens by Car page we highly recommend filling up your car in Moutiers at the bottom of the mountain before you climb up. There are several reasons for this.

1. It is cheaper than in the resort.

2. Having an empty fuel tank actually increases the risk for explosions at altitude – true!

3. When you leave the resort to drive back home we doubt you will want to fill up right at the start of your journey.

The cheapest place most of the time is a fuel station in Moutiers opposite to the entrance of the Hypermarket of Carrefour (previously Hyper-Champion). It’s not that easy to spot but it’s there!

More information on shops in Moutiers and Alberville.