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Val Thorens Ski Lift Opening Times

Val Thorens has the most modern ski lift network in Europe, possibly the world! A big statement but when one of the companies that designs ski lifts is based in Val Thorens it’s hardly surprising!

It seems like that every year Val Thorens introduces new lifts or replaces older ones, with a large range of Chair lifts, Funitels and Cable Cars you are spoilt for choice!

The Val Thorens Ski Lift Opening Times

Val Thorens is located right at the top of the valley and therefore can get some bad weather from time to time. This makes it hard to know when individual lifts open and more importantly close. The times will be updated on a board at the bottom of every lift, we recommend keeping an eye on those and if the weather is closing in ask the lift staff, they are very helpful.

The lifts normally open from around 8:30 until 17:30. This changes through-out the season. Early in the season they are open for a shorter amount of time as the Sun goes behind the mountain and gets too dark to ski. The second half of the season they are open fully.

Not all of the lifts open and close at the same time, the nearer the lift is to the resort normally opens first. This also is the case when closing, the further away the lift is from the resort the earlier it closes. This is to help the pisters make sure everyone if off the mountain before they leave.

On a safety note, we don’t recommend staying on the piste after the pisters have swept the area, just head to one of the big apres-ski bars like the Folie Douce or the 360 bar as you will be able to stay up in the mountains that little bit longer.