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Val Thorens Ski Rental

As with most resorts there are many places to rent ski and snowboard equipment. Over the last 6 or 7 years the quality of ski equipment in rental shops have improved dramatically. You now not need to worry about being lumbered with skis that Roger Moore would have used in his youth. Now all ski shops in Val Thorens have new or nearly new equipment (2 seasons old max).

So where to rent from?

Well you can decide on location of the ski shop to your accommodation; which shop has had the best reviews; or like most people which is the cheapest. There is also another thing to consider if you are skiing in the school holidays, availability.
We recommend Skiset as they have shops all over the resort and because of this they shouldn’t run out of the type of ski you require. The staff are very friendly and all speak good English. They have also kindly offered a discount of up to 40% to SkiGB visitors, so another good reason to use them.
Below is their handy online form so you can get quotes and find out more about the type of ski and snowboard equipment they have to offer.