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Val Thorens Ski Schools

There are five main ski schools in Val Thorens, they range from the biggest ski school in France to a small local based ski school. They are called: Ecole du Ski Francais or ESF for short, Prosneige, Skicool, Free School Attitude and Magic in Motion.
All instructors no matter what ski school they work for would more or less have to take the same exams, therefore are qualified to the same standard. The difference in our opinion is the quality of the school, when booking find out how many people are in the class. After all if there are 20 people in your class how much time will the instructor spend on you? It would be much better if only 8 people where in the group for example.

Every season the school holidays are the weeks that book up the quickest, so don’t hang about!

For your first week of lessons try and get in a class of no more than 8-10 people, it’s a good amount of people for your instructor to monitor but also big enough for you to hide behind someone when you don’t want the instructor to watch you. Most of the instructors speak English, but make sure you clarify you want an English speaker otherwise you might end up with a language barrier.

Click on the links below to find out more about each individual Ski School.

ESF Val Thorens Ski School logo

ESF Val Thorens Ski School

Ecole du Ski Francais

There is only one British ski instructor in Val Thorens, his name is Dave Mitchell and works for Ecole du Ski Francais(ESF).

More details on:Ecole du Ski Francais

Prosneige Val Thorens Ski School logo

Prosneige Val Thorens Ski School


Prosneige is the second biggest ski school in Val Thorens and are part of the ESI affiliation.

More details on:Prosneige

Skicool Val Thorens Ski School logo

Skicool Val Thorens Ski School


Skicool are just that, cool! A small ski school located next to the church, a real personal ski school.

More details on:Skicool

Free School Attitude Val Thorens Ski School logo

Free School Attitude Val Thorens Ski School

Free School Attitude

A great small ski school located in Val Thorens Free School Attitude. These guys have several colours, mainly black, if colour helps on your decision on which ski school to use.

More details on:Free School Attitude

Magic in Motion Val Thorens Ski School logo

Magic in Motion Val Thorens Ski School

Magic in Motion

Magic In Motion are now in Val Thorens, having already got ski schools in the Courchevel and Meribel valleys they pride themselves and offering a superb service with a maximum of 6 people per class. They are the guys in Orange!

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