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Val Thorens Skidoo

Val Thorens offers another way to get you out on the snow, Skidooing. If you have not heard of Skidoo’s they are basically a big motorbike with a caterpillar track on the back and two skis on the front. To control them you use a thumb accelerator just like a Jet Ski. Cornering is like riding a Quad bike, it helps if you move around the Skidoo from left to right to take the corners at speed.
There is only one place in Val Thorens that offers this and you can only do it after the pistes are closed, for obvious reasons. You have a guide with you at all times leading the pack, basically follow-the-leader.
There are two sessions per evening, the first starting around 17:30 and the second around 7pm. As you can imagine by the time the later one starts it is quite dark, which adds an extra twist to the trip!
You need to book in advance, we advise to book a couple of days earlier. They are located in the centre of the resort just out side the Tourist Office, you can’t miss them. It costs about 90 euros per bike but you can share it over two people, one person drives whilst the other sits on the back. There is a half way stop for you to swap around.

If you are a non-skier you might like to know that Val Thorens offers a non-skier pass. More information on this pass can be found on our lift pass page or click here.