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Val Thorens Snow Shoe Walking

Image of Original Snow Shoes

Original Snow Shoes

If skiing isn’t your thing or you want a day off how about a gentle walk. Most of the Ski Schools offer Snow Shoe walking.
What is it I hear you ask!
It is commonly called ‘Raquette’ in France (or Nordic walking) and as the word suggests you put tennis rackets on the bottom of your feet and walk. Well almost.

Image of Modern Show Shoes

Modern Show Shoes

The equipment is very modern and attaches to your boots (boots provided), we have a picture here to explain.
The idea is to distribute your weight therefore you should not sink into the snow. It works very well and has been around for many years.
A guide will take you out on a route already decided on depending on your fitness in groups of around 20 people. It is a good way to meet other people, however, if you want some ‘me’ time you can just follow the guide and soak up the views.
There are several different walks from a couple of hours to the whole day. Some go up steep inclines some are fairly flat.
Another alternative to Show Shoe walking is Glacier walking. Our advice is to pick the clear days as the views are superb.

If you are a non-skier you might like to know that Val Thorens offers a non-skier pass. This includes lots of walks around the area. If you would like more information click on our Lift Pass page.