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Val Thorens Travel by Bus


In the past going skiing by bus from the UK had always been thought of as the ‘cheap and cheerful’ option. A long uncomfortable ride through the night cramped up in a shoebox sized space, counting down the minutes until you arrive at Moutiers where you can get off and stretch your legs. Well things have changed a bit since those days.

Nowadays the coaches are very well equipped with TV, DVD, toilets and even a shop to buy your sandwiches. You can relax, recline your chair, set the right temperature on your air con and watch the world go by.

The Pros: It’s still cheap, prices around £130 for a return trip. No weight limit – wooo!! You get an extra days skiing compared to flying with a Tour Operator.

The Cons: Not as flexible as a car, most bus companies leave on Fri, Sat or Sun. You can’t stop when you like.

Here at SkiGB’s HQ Igloo we are all for saving money and if you are on a budget it’s worth looking at this option.

Bus Transfers to Val Thorens


There are many bus transfer services in operation which provide transfers to and from the four major airports. Please be aware that not all bus companies operate in the evening or at night. This is something you will need to find out before booking your flight or train.

Another option is to use a Taxi, these are normally very expensive but if you have just missed the last bus it is an option.
You could however rent a car, this means you can leave the resort any time you like, you will of course need to pay for parking in the resort but is worth looking at if you can fill all the seats. You can book parking online, here is a link to our page which has all the information you need about parking in Val Thorens.

If you do choose to travel by bus then Ben’s Bus operate regular shared ski transfer buses out of Grenoble, Geneva, Lyon & Chambery Airports on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, depending on the airport you are flying into.
Their prices start at £75pp return with discounts for children and groups. Their service is very popular so it is best to book as early as possible