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Val Thorens Travel by Train

In our opinion travelling to the Alps by Train is the most civilised and most comfortable way to travel. However, I guess it depends where in the UK you are starting from as you will need to find your way to Eurostar’s home at St Pancras train station, London.
There are two other stations you can use, one in Ashford, Kent and one in Ebbsfleet which is great for the people living in that part of the country. Eurostar’s move from Waterloo is a positive thing, the train lines from St Pancras will allow the trains to travel at much quicker speeds than the old lines from Waterloo.

In case you have not used this service before let us set the scene. After boarding your train with your luggage (no weight limit here!), find your seat and relax with a glass of Champagne (free in first class).

Before you know it you have left London and stopping at the Ashford station. Once everyone is aboard you are through the tunnel into France and whizzing towards the Alps.
It doesn’t take long whilst eating your three course meal (first class again), drinking your wine, travelling at 180mph and watching stressed out drivers on the motorways that you realise you have made the right decision. The train stops at Albertville for about 40mins, we think to refill catering and a bit of a clean.
The next stop is Moutiers; however this is not the last stop and it doesn’t stop at Moutiers station for long so be ready with your bags by the doors!

Once you arrive in Moutiers there is a 45min transfer up the mountain to the resort by road. Your options from the train station to Val Thorens are:

1. Use one of the popular transfer companies

2. Local Bus

3. Taxi

4. If you have left it to the last minute it is worth asking any tour operator reps hanging around the station to see if they have room on their bus, it might cost you a beer or two though!

The return journey is just as easy, however, if you are driving at the other end be careful of the free wine (and yes, first class again).

When booking it is best to book as early as possible, in particular for school holidays, these weeks go very very quickly.
If you compare the price with flying where you could pay £60 for an Easyjet flight, add £20 for tax, another £15 for ski/baggage costs and then the transfer from the Airport to the resort, then this options doesn’t seem too bad!

See our Travelling by bus page for timetables from the airports and Moutiers train station.