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Val Thorens once again leads the way in ski resort activities, this includes the highest Zip Wire ride in Europe!

Only for the brave as it is very high!

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For just under 2 minutes you can travel at over 100 km/h over one of Val Thorens and Orelle’s valleys. This is not for the faint hearted and we are not sure its for people who are scared of heights, but it looks impressive!   So here are the facts:

  • Length: 1300 metres
  • Starting Altitude: 3230 metres
  • Arrival Altitude: 3000 metres
  • Max height above the ground: 250 metres
  • Speed: 65 to 105 km/h
  • Age: from 8 to 88 years old
  • Weight: Max 120 kg
  • Travel time: 1 minute 45 seconds
  • Price: 50€ (purchased on-site)
  • Start: The top of the Bouchet chairlift in Orelle (10,597ft)
  • Finish: Summit in Val Thorens (9,842)
  • Weather: It is high up and high winds or bad weather can stop it running
  • Max wind Zip Wire can be used: 12mph
  • Will you be scared: Oh yes!
  • What do you do with my skis or board? You strap your skis or board to your back so you can continue skiing afterwards.
  • Time to make the zip Wire: 2 years
  • Cost to build: £663,000 (800,000 euros)
  • Concrete used: 240 tons
  • Up to 80 skiers/snowboards per day
  • Year Launched: 2013/14 season


The Next Level of Zip Wire

For the 2018 season a new zip wire ride arrived. Val Thorens already holds the highest Zip Wire record so no need to beat that. This time they have gone for length of the ride.
Starting from the top of the “Moutiers” left you and your friend – yes that’s right two people can ride this one at the same time – can zip down 1.6km right back to the resort’s Place Caron area.
If you don’t ski don’t worry as the ride is available for both skiers and pedestrians.




Val Thorens Zip Wire

Val Thorens Zip Wire Location

Val Thorens Zip Wire Location

Link to the full size Val Thorens Piste Map   Val Thorens Zip Wire val-thorens-zip-wire1     Still need convincing? Maybe this video will help!