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4 Snowboarders caught in Avalanche in Orelle

Posted on: March 3rd, 2015 by SkiGB

Reports are coming in that 4 snowboarders have been caught up in an avalanche roughly 1 hour ago (11:30 local time) in the Orelle ski area.
Early reports are saying that there are no major injuries with one snowboarder with a minor injury. The rescue helicopter was use to locate and evacuate the snowboarders to safety.

The snowboarders were trapped by a rock but unfortunately one of the snowboarders got swept away. He was quickly found by pisteurs and has been taken to Grenoble Hospital for treatment.


Additionally to the four snowboarders being caught there was a second avalanche close by which involved a party of 4 skiers. One of the skiers had to be revived and is suffering with hypothermia. A Courchevel mountain guide who was near by came to help, sadly he too is in a serious condition and has also been taken to Grenoble Hospital for treatment. He is also in a serious condition.


Just a reminder that off-piste at the moment can be unsafe in areas due to the large amount of recent snow.

The area in question for this avalanche is in red below.

Please becareful out there!

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