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Les Menuires

Les Menuires The Perfect Ski Destination

Posted on: October 18th, 2022 by SkiGB

Les Menuires; Snow, Saga and Splendour — The Perfect Ski Destination


With the right mixture of snowcapped mountain peaks, a rich and interesting history, a thriving culture, thronging tourists and snow-clad houses — Les Menuires really is the perfect ski destination. Located in the Vallée des Belleville, it is everything you could ask for in a ski resort and more! It offers some of the most affordable accommodation in the 3 Vallées, and what’s more, you can choose from a selection of restaurants that serve some of the best food in this corner of the world.

Unlike most other ski resorts in the world, Les Menuires has the unique distinction of being part of the 3 Vallées ski area in France. The 3 Vallées is the largest ski area in the whole world; it has about 8 different resorts which are closely linked by a number of amazing ski runs and lifts, as well as their sophisticated choices for accommodation.

The rich history of the resort can be seen in its design; culture and heritage are imprinted on every single brick in the valley. However, this resort brings in the most unique combination of heritage and modernity, of yesteryear architectural beauty and urban practicality laced, rather judiciously, with the charm only a French village can have!

Starting Small, Growing Fast

Les Menuires is situated between Saint-Martin-de-Belleville and Val Thorens, sitting amidst snow-peaked mountains at an altitude of roughly 1850m. This perfect altitude height sure that the resort gets plenty of fresh snow for the ski lovers, while letting everyone else enjoy the sun. It has come a very long way since the 1960s when somebody decided to create a ski resort that is both perfect for winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding and summer activities such as hiking and mountain biking. After the initial success of the ski resort at Courchevel built in the 50s, the mayor of Saint Martin de Belleville wanted to create equally amazing skiing communities— Val Thorens and Les Menuires — and other satellite resorts as well.

During the 1950s, when the resort at Courchevel was built, the local authorities created something called the Service of the Study and Development of Mountain Tourism – popularly called the SETAM. The Society started off by acquiring property in the upper valley to create enough place for the ski resort, accommodation facilities and other necessities. The initial plan was quite optimistic, but the success of Courchevel motivated everyone involved.

Immediately after the decision to build a world-class resort at Les Menuires, work started and by the early 1960s the very first of many drag lifts were installed. And by the late 60s, the very first accommodation at the valley — the Croisette — was opened. Moreover, the important ‘La Masse Cable’ was also underway which in effect gave way to the high altitude of the resort. Immediately after the first residences in the Croisette opened, the first tourist office and hotel were built on the mountain range’s west side.

A World-Class Resort

It wasn’t until the 70’s when the resort experienced a surge in activity. The Allamands drag lift sped up the construction, which opened a link to the Meribel pistes. This marked the completion of the first stage of what was going to become the biggest ski area in the whole world — the 3 Vallées. During the same time, construction of the Val Thorens also started at about 2300m. The Les Menuires resort was divided into three beautiful tiers — the Reberty, La Croisette and the Preyerand, with accommodation available at each one.

‘Les Menuires est belle’ (‘Les Menuires is beautiful,’ in case your French isn’t up to scratch!) is something you will truly feel when you leave the place. It is a small French-style village resort that offers everyone — from everyday tourists to ski masters, from history enthusiasts to snow lovers — something special to take away.

If Les Menuires looks like a place for you to visit head over to the Les Menuires apartments for rent page to see how cheap you can go skiing!

Speed Mountain Toboggan on Rails

Posted on: February 16th, 2018 by SkiGB

If you think about winter sports in the world’s top ski resorts you will instantly conjure up images of skiing, snowboarding and possibly tobogganing. These are the main ones of course and what the majority of visitors flock to take part in during the relatively short winter sport season. When it comes to European resorts the savvy traveller will already know that best fun in the sun, and snow, awaits in the Trois Vallées and that area is gradually expanding to offer its guests even more activities.

Do you have the prudence of a snail or the speed and agility of a hare?

If you are lucky enough to be heading to Les Menuires in the Belleville Valley of les Trois Vallées then you have the thrill of a lifetime awaiting you and there isn’t a ski in sight. If you fancy hurtling along in a toboggan at break neck speeds without any fears of tipping over and getting too close for comfort with the cold white stuff then this is the place to come thanks to the Speed Mountain Toboggan which winds its way around the mountain on rails. New and ever more inventive adventure sports are appearing on the radar due to the ever increasing demand of thrill seekers, and this one certainly takes some beating.

As if an adrenaline rush wasn’t enough there is also a competitive edge thrown in for good measure as you will be racing against Boukty; the mascot of the Les Menuires resort. Both adults and children can take on Boukty in a run that is more than 1200m long. There are twists and turns, ascents and descents and even raised bends just like you would see in competitive tobogganing. A lot of time and effort has also been put into the surroundings as the entire length of the run has been landscaped to make your run even more enjoyable.

There are 10 signposts relating to the Boukty challenge and your goal is to beat his record. There are 3 control points will let you know how you are getting on in your quest. Do you have the prudence of a snail or the speed and agility of a hare? One thing is guaranteed; once you have been on the run you will want to get straight back on it! While there are individual toboggans for adults and older children, little ones from the age of 3 can share a toboggan with an adult so they don’t miss out on all the fun.

There are few activities in the mountains that are a real family affair and Speed Mountain is one of them. A new activity for the 2013/2014 this is fast becoming a firm favourite. There are similar attractions in other resorts but Les Menuires have created the longest run in the Alps, giving you a lot more fun for your euros. Priced per individual run or in set of 5, 10 or 20 at a reduced cost this is currently the hottest ticket in les Trois Vallées, and there is still time this year for you to hop aboard and have a truly exhilarating experience in one of the most spectacular settings.