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Why is it best to go to a high Ski Resort?

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by SkiGB

To start with no, that isn’t a trick question. You could be forgiven it was however as, after all, every ski resort is high isn’t it? Well, yes and no. Obviously they have to be at altitude to offer great ski runs for their visitors but unless you have actually been at one of the highest resorts you cannot comprehend just how big those mountains actually are. Whereabouts on a mountain a resort is located plays a major part in not only the length of its runs but also a hugely important factor in the winter sports market; the snowfall.

Those resorts classed as high due to their proximity to the mountain top benefit from the greatest snowfall, common sense tells you that. This is turn makes for best ski slopes and other activities on which vast falls of snow are dependent. So how do you know amongst all the fab ski resorts out there which ones are high and will provide the perfect winter playground for your trip? We’ve made it very easy for you actually as we can recommend one of the best; Val Thorens.

This outstanding resort make up the Tres Vallees along with Meribel and Courchevel, Val Thorens is marketed as ‘a state of mind’ or attitude at altitude. It is both of these as it is one of those rare resorts that really does cater to everyone of every ability. The serious thrill seeker can hurtle for miles down the pristine slopes while those for the emphasis is very much on the ‘play’ aspect can also find everything they are looking for in a winter break.

How many times have you seen on the news that ski resorts have had to close due to a lack of snow? You can bet your bottom dollar they weren’t high resorts as this is a problem never suffered by Val Thorens. That alone makes booking a trip to a higher resort all the more worthwhile as you know that much anticipated winter break is not going to be thwarted by a shortage of the white stuff.

Located at 2300m with slopes from 1260 up to 3230m high few resorts come close to rivalling Val Thorens for its reliable and good snow cover. It is the highest ski resort in Europe and standing at the top of a slope 3200m above sea level is certainly an experience. The area includes two small glacier and combine these with the shade offered by the north facing terrain, along with the top notch snow making facilities it is easy to see why Val Thorens is one of the safest bets in Europe for an awesome winter holiday.

The length of season is also extended in the higher resorts and a season here usually lasts from November through until May. This gives skiing enthusiasts a much bigger window in which to plan their trip and this is appreciated greatly by the serious skiers who don’t want to be avoiding other skiers on overcrowded pistes or queuing forever to get on a ski lift.  So in answer to our original question; “Why is it best to go to a high ski resort?” the answer is pretty easy; because this allows you to visit Val Thorens and experience the best winter sports holiday bar none.



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