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British Pounds exchange rate better than last year

Posted on: January 17th, 2015 by SkiGB

Sometimes the British skier lucks in, “What are you kidding!” i hear you say. No really we do sometimes get somethings our way, take now for example. At the moment the currency exchange rate between the British pound and the Euro is 9% up compared to this time last year.


£500 gets you £37 more!


This means if you change £500 you will get an extra £37 or €48. Obviously if you going skiing in a non-Euro country like Switzerland then this exchange rate does not apply. In fact the British pound compared with the Swiss Franc is worse off compared to last year (£80 worse off when converting £500) so it does make sense to ski in a Euro country like France at the moment.


Val Thorens being not only Frances highest ski resort but also Europe’s is a resort high on the skiers ‘places to ski’ this season. Not only due to the exchange rate but Val Thorens has also just had a large dump of snow, more than many other resorts, making it a perfect time to ski.


To help reduce costs even further staying in a self catering apartment can save a family of four hundreds of pounds. Here is a link to show you the savings you can have on self catering apartments in Val Thorens.

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