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Buying a Property in Meribel

Posted on: February 10th, 2018 by SkiGB

What is Involved When Buying a Property in a French Ski Resort like Meribel?


So you want to buy a piece of the peaks and live the ‘high’ life? These days, everyone seems to be getting the mountain-call — the charm of the snowcapped mountains with luxurious ski resorts atop have left everyone scrambling up the hills in search of a good property to buy. There are reports to suggest that the sales enquiries for ski property are experiencing a surge with the economy finally brightening up — these properties are back in high demand.

Among all the ski areas, France is still the country with the most sought-after locations for skiing — especially Meribel Ski Resort. You may be wondering what it takes to own a property in a place like that; let’s find out!

Snow-Capped Wonder

For some it is a dream come true to own a property on the snowy slopes, for others with spare money it is a fashion. Whatever your case, it’s important you understand the far-reaching implications of investing so much money to buy a property you might not use throughout the year.

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether you really want to buy the property. It’s true — owning a piece of the steep snowcapped mountain sounds romantic, but is it the right decision?

There are 2 reasons why someone would buy a ski property: as a permanent residence or as a holiday-home investment. If you are an avid mountaineer and would like to live near the slopes every day, then buying a top-notch ski resort makes perfect sense. However, if you are looking to invest in a place at a renowned resort like Meribel, then you should consider a number of factors that determine the price.

Can You Get There?

One of the first decisions you need to make when trying to buy a property in a resort like Meribel is travel. Commuting from Paris, London or any other place in the world is a tough ask considering the expenses and time involved. Even if you live nearby, it may not be possible to drive up the icy paths throughout the year.

And don’t forget, travelling to the place is a waste of time when you want to be skiing down the slopes!

Year-Round Holidays

Another factor you should consider is the year-round activities. In case you are only looking to spend the summers and enjoy the snow, then choosing a high altitude site like Meribel makes sense.

Higher altitudes may mean higher prices, but there are numerous advantages as well — you can enjoy the snow for as long as you want, and the views are simply breathtaking!

With a lower altitude resort, the snow quality tends to be lower and the skiing (or snowboarding) period is shorter. However, they are easier to access and you may be able to enjoy other outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking.

However high up in the mountains you want a property, you’ll be able to use it as a tool to earn money. With thousands of tourists heading to these places each year for the snow, biking and walking, renting out your property for a tidy profit is pretty straightforward.

Meribel, a Place For All

Meribel has a lot to offer in terms of snow and summer activities for visitors; in fact, a large bulk of tourists from all over the world head to the Meribel year after year to enjoy its serene beauty.

If you decide to buy a property, you should consider the two ways to own one: Classic Freehold and Leaseback Freehold. With a Classic Freehold, you have the option of renting out your property at will, but with Leaseback Freehold you can do away with the headache of management and upkeep of the property — you no longer own it, but have the luxury to use it.

With a place like Meribel — a well-established ski resort — you and anyone who uses your property will have the luxury of the ski lifts, gliding slopes, shops nearby and the scenic wonder.

Of course buying a property in Meribel isn’t your only option to ski the area, you could visit the resort as an when you want by renting an apartment. There are plenty of great offers to be had over on our Meribel apartments page, so have a look!

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