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Club Med’s New Hotel – Val Thorens Sensations

Posted on: September 26th, 2014 by SkiGB

For previous visitors of Val Thorens you would have most likely come across the big Club Med Hotel at the bottom of the resort, or in fact you may have even stayed there. Well Club Med have decided to replace this Hotel with a brand new Resort (it’s really a Hotel but they call it a resort so we best go along with it) and have called it Val Thorens Sensations.


Val Thorens Club Med Sensations 2014

At the end of last season it didn’t look like it was quite ready to open its doors, but they said it will be complete in time for the December 2014 opening.


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Club Med is extremely elated and proud to announce that it will open new purpose built ski resort Hotel, Val Thorens Sensations, in December 2014. Situated in one of the most sought after ski destinations in the French Alps – Val Thorens in the Trois Vallées – the brand new ski-in and ski-out Resort will have an amazing view of the breathtakingly beautiful snowcapped mountains, perfect and immediate access to the slopes and mouth-watering cuisine by a Michelin Star chef.


Val Thorens is at an altitude of 2,300m — the highest ski resort in all of Europe. It is designed to offer an unforgettable experience to guests and skiers of all age groups and skiing capabilities. There are more than 330 ski slopes that offer various activities, some of which include an on-ice driving experience and winter mountain biking to name a few.


A Val Thorens Hotel Customised for YOU!


Continuing with the rich tradition of personalising its holidays for guests, Club Med have designed Val Thorens Sensations by taking into consideration the choices and suggestions of its 1.3 million Facebook users. They were asked to vote on a wide range of features such as the name of the resort, its logo, all its design features and other activities. Based on the results gathered from about 13 different countries, the complete resort along with the skiing arrangement, the catering, wellness and other innovations were perfectly designed.


Skiing Arrangements and Conditions


This brand new Hotel in Val Thorens from the famous Club Med, designed and built based on user preferences and choices, is located in the heart of the Trois Vallées. In addition to the superb skiing adventure, the Val Thorens Sensations also offers some of the most exciting après-ski facilities. The hotel is designed to strike a chord with the young and youthful users; it is modern and sophisticated, complete with all amenities. The architecture is designed by Studio Arch and the interior design is done to perfection by Sophie Jacquim. It strikes a balance between modern and traditional, keeping the local Alpine-spirit intact. Moreover, the rooms have huge windows that overlook the mountainous landscape.


Fine Dining Cuisine


In addition to the memorable skiing experience, guests can also indulge in a plethora of food choices. There will be three different fine dining restaurants that serve local, gourmet and delicious food all through the day. Visitors can enjoy the different experience of dining from 7.30 in the morning until midnight, and there will also be a fresh buffet inspired by local cuisine. In addition to this, you will find a self-service takeaway for your daily travels.

Epicurus, Val Thorens Sensations’ main concept based restaurant, will have menus designed and developed by the Michelin star chef and French Master Eduoard Loubet. And being native to the Val Thorens, he is a big fan of local produce.


Wellness and Fitness


The Val Thorens Sensations has exhaustive state-of-the-art wellness, fitness and sportive activities. Along with skiing in the Alps, guests can also enjoy the well-decked training facilities and courses. As requested by the Club Med users on Facebook, this modern ski resort is also said to feature an adventurous climbing wall in the centre of the Hotel, a spa and free access to a super-sophisticated Turkish bath.


Modern Digital Innovations


This Val Thorens Hotel is also said to feature a new set of digital innovations to provide the guests with a seamless communication experience. Guests can check in on their mobile, enjoy interactive screens, in-room TVs and digital kiosks. The hotel will also provide real-time information to people about surprise events, activity schedules, social media news and menu choices. And you’ll find high-speed internet connectivity everywhere — including the slopes! Moreover, the dedicated app provides easy booking and other information about the resort to anyone, anywhere.


And this is what it will look like once complete

According to Madeleine Clow, the General Manager of Club Med Australia and New Zealand, the Val Thorens Sensations is a revolutionary addition to their ever-evolving European snow holiday offering. By providing a customised experience to their guests, the resort’s innovations, excellent ski conditions and unique resort features, the resort will offer a memorable experience to everyone.


If this is something that interests you for the coming season they are offering some early doors discounts over on their website.

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