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Counterfeit euro notes and how to spot them

Posted on: October 1st, 2013 by SkiGB



Counterfeit notes are on the increase and the Euro’s being the second most used currency in the world is one of their main targets. It doesn’t help that the notes and coins are made in so many different countries which must make it harder to police. have spoken to a French bank to help our readers identify which notes are real and which are not. We recommend you check EVERY note you receive no matter where you get it from as if you are caught with a counterfeit note YOU can be arrested. In some European countries just having counterfeit notes in your possession can see you being sent to prison. It has been report recently that a couple picked up their holiday money from a UK high street travel agent and some of the money were counterfeit. Below we have got a picture of a 50€ note and have circled the easiest areas to check.



We have circled three areas to check:


1. On the left hand side of the note there should be a watermark, not printed. You should only really see it if you hold it up to a light.


2. The middle area circled is the easiest one to check in a hurry, it is what a barman for example would check as he is normally in a hurry. Run your nail across this (brown on the 50€ note, blue on 20€ etc) and you should feel/hear the corrugated vertical lines. If this section is smooth it is most likely fake.


3. On the right hand side there should be a hologram, it should have the euro symbol ‘€’ and the number of the note. Holograms are basically two images on top of each other so move the note around so you can see both images.


Helping reducing fake bank notes will not only stop you from innocently being sent to jail but it will also help the value of the currency. Please pass on this information to your friends and family, we have the normal social buttons to help.

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