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Day 3 of our Meribel Focus!

Posted on: February 9th, 2016 by SkiGB

Welcome to day 3 of our lead up to half term in Meribel, the centre of the 3 Valleys.


Tuesday 9th February 2016


Before we start the report of Meribel for today we have had a few mentions on Facebook and Twitter that we seem to end up in bars regularly. I think it is important to provide a good cross section of information about Meribel, whether it is the snow condition, news about queues, weather or beer. Tough job this isn’t it!

Today’s report is dominated by wind, no nothing to do with the beans I had for breakfast and the beer last night. This is the type of wind that closes lifts, a lot of lifts!

The Meribel resort information screens pretty much just say ‘Stay in your Valley as you might not make it back’. I am assuming they mean make it back to the Meribel valley rather than never coming back ever again??

There really wasn’t any point of this sign really as they had closed all the lifts that reached the top of all the peaks anyway.

We have come to the conclusion that there must be a black hole in Meribel which transports people to another dimension or somewhere. Upon arrival at the ski lifts in Meribel centre this morning there were only three lifts working, each of these lifts had queues longer than half a dozen football pitches, it wasn’t the best site in the world!
But the funny thing was though once you get up the hill all those people just simply disappeared, the pistes were once again (like yesterday) just mine. Maybe there is a run I don’t know about which everyone wanted to ski? We think that is unlikely because that just doesn’t make sense so it just must be a black hole!

Time for some good news i think, the snow in the morning even half way up the hill was pretty good, I really enjoyed skiing it. If you are heading out next week you will too!

These focus reports are not going to sugar coat the conditions, if you are of a weak disposition you might want to read the rest of this behind your sofa!

After midday the conditions turned from ‘not great’ to ‘worse than not great’. The snow started to get slushy, yes slushy! However I actually like skiing in slush, it’s just wet powder isn’t it?
It wasn’t all bad, at least it wasn’t raining!

Around 13:00 it started to rain. Damn!
With more lifts closing and bars getting fuller by the minute we decided to call it a day and go home for a nice cup of tea.

Right after a couple of pints! 🙂



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