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Lead up to Half Term: Sunday 7th Feb

Posted on: February 7th, 2016 by SkiGB

Next week is the BIG week for us Brits who go skiing with their family, half term. We thought we would mark this important week with a run up of the conditions in the 3 Valleys to get you all excited to come out.
Last year we did this for Val Thorens so to mix it up this year we will do it for Meribel, i guess it is the ‘British’ resort of the 3 Valleys so quite fitting.

So let’s get this started.

Sunday 7th February 2016

First thing the Sun was out AND the hat was on, well for a while.
By about 11am the clouds got a little bit moody, although it didn’t actually snow of any worthwhile amount, there were some angry looking clouds looking for a fight!

By about lunch time the cloud started to show what they were made of and the fluffy white stuff we all love began to fall. Visibility reduced also to about 50m up high but further around resort level.

We nipped over to the Courchevel valley to check, well firstly that it was still there (you never know!) and to see if we could see better. We couldn’t, so back to Meribel.

Some of the higher lifts were closed, we think due to high winds but it didn’t seem windy enough to close a ski lift. Being a sceptic I think they are saving the snow for you lucky people!

By about 3pm the snow was falling quite heavy, a good 6 inches worth I would say in a couple of hours.
The queues were ok through-out the day, first thing was busy in Meribel centre, as per norm.

The snow is actually very good, forget the doom and gloom you read in the papers, i skied a foot of powder today many many times. Didn’t need to tour for 2 hours to find it either, lucky really as the off-piste is not too safe at the moment (be careful kids!).

In fact just off the piste there were plenty of places to bounce like a bunny, ideal if you want to learn powder skiing in safety.

Weather, done.
Queues, done.
Snow, done.

At the end of the day whilst skiing into the resort we could smell the beer being pulled so we decided to investigate…

Beer, done.

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