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The Perfect Blast Piste!

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by SkiGB

It doesn’t really matter what level of Skier or Snowboarder you are sometimes we all want to do the same thing, to scream down a piste as fast as we can! 🙂

A nicely groomed piste, whether it is freshly made corduroy motorway or hard packed with a dusting on top some days can’t be beat!

It goes without saying that you should only hit Mac 2 when the coast is clear of snaking ski schools or it is so busy it looks like the day of the sales at Snow and Rock!

So back to the job in hand, where is it good to break the speed record in Val Thorens? (obviously not including the race pistes)

Time to test your knowledge of Val Thorens!


There are several options but we are going to recommend a piste which isn’t used as much as it’s next door neighbour.

It’s a Blue run (BLUE! Surely not steep enough?) and starts up high.

There is even a restaurant half way down to have a coffee.

Have you guessed which one yet? (Here is the latest Val Thorens piste map to help)

One last clue it starts at the bottom of the Coldest lift in Val Thorens.


Got it?


Let me tell you about Genepi the fastest blue run in town!
Twinned with its sister piste Moraine it starts at the bottom of Le Col lift. Instead of skiing down to the right (skiers right) take the left piste. So many more people for some reason ski to the right down Moraine.

Genepi is nice and wide and has a nice initial drop to get your speed started (don’t worry not a real drop like a cliff) so get into your tuck!

The first stage gets you to the big red Restaurant to get that Coffee you need. Then on to the slightly thinner section with some great corners. This section is much harder to go flat out and to do it safely. Do be responsible please and control your speed when others about!

To master you need to have a few runs on this slope, luckily though the piste ends at the bottom of the Moraine lift to take you to the top again so it is easy to loop round and have another go!


Val Thorens top of Genepi piste, doesn’t that look fun!

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