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Restaurant review of L’Epicurean in Val Thorens

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by SkiGB

There is real buzz around L’ Epicurien restaurant in Val Thorens at the moment; and little wonder. This gourmet eaterie nestling in the French Alps has been awarded a brand new and shiny Michelin Star for 2015, making this the hottest seat in the Trois Vallées. In area boasting a plethora of world class restaurants what it is about L’ Epicurien that sets it apart from a very impressive crowd? We thought it would be rude not to check it out for ourselves.

From the moment you step through the door you just know you are entering somewhere very special. There is an ambience about a top class eaterie that lesser establishments wish could be bottled and sold. You cannot put your finger on it, never mind describe it in mere words, suffice to say dining here is more an experience than merely satisfying your hunger.

L’Epicurean in Val Thorens

The interior is very contemporary with the interior colours replicating those of the landscape around it. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this makes it cold and clinical however, far from it. The exquisite design and lay out makes for an essence of intimacy and the perfect spot for that romantic gourmet meal in the mountains. This is not the place to come if you are looking for a happy hour to feed your kids!

The man behind the success of L’ Epicurien, and the reason for this prestigious award is Jérémy Gillon. An esteemed French chef in his own right, Msr Gillon has unleashed his passion on the ski set with his mission to completely reinvent French food as we know it. Using only seasonal and noble food products from traditional, local producers he has transformed this restaurant into a world beater.

Jérémy Gillon

You will want to set aside a healthy budget if you intend to eat at L’ Epicurien, that’s if you were savvy enough to book your table well in advance of course. There are several menus to choose from, each one more mouth watering than the last. Ranging in price from around 50€ – 90€ per head, this may seem expensive to some but when you compare the prices to some of the other Michelin starred restaurants around the world it is one of the most affordable.

Of course, you will be looking for a very special wine to accompany your meal and once again L’ Epicurien surpasses all expectations. The wine menu has soft, palatable reds rubbing shoulders with Krug Grande Cuvée Champagne and fun, sparkling roses. With a healthy choice of aperitifs, cocktails and non alcoholic beverages this is not one of those establishments where you will be disappointed by not being able to get a drink you are partial too.

L’Epicurean in Val Thorens

As you would expect, the staff are both attentive yet invisible. Polite, knowledgeable and efficient, they are the epitome of how front line employees should present themselves, and other restaurant owners could do with taking a gold leafed page out of L’ Epicurien’s book.

Jérémy Gillon and team

If you are planning a trip to Val Thorens and yearn to sample the delights of L’ Epicurien for yourself then booking in advance is a must. Few get to experience fine dining of this calibre and if you want to create that extra special moment in the Trois Vallées mountains then this is the place to come.

If this is something you would like to try for yourself here is a link to their website so you can book before coming out! CLICK HERE


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