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Restaurant Review of L’Ekrin in Meribel

Posted on: February 10th, 2018 by SkiGB

It’s certainly a big year for the Trois Vallées resort of Meribel. Not only have they been chosen as the first French ski resort to host the prestigious Alpine Ski World Cup Finals, or are set for a major revamp over the next couple of years, there is yet another event which has discerning gastronomes salivating and hitting the Internet like no there’s no tomorrow.

prepare yourself for a buffet breakfast of such quality and choice that it beggars belief

The reason behind this; Meribel’s esteemed restaurant The Ekrin, or L’Ekrin, has been awarded a new Michelin star for 2015. The in house restaurant of the luxurious La Keila hotel has become one of the premier eating establishments in Meribel, immaterial of whether you are a guest or not. Laurent Azoulay, L’Ekrin’s executive chef, has in recent times taken this restaurant to a whole new level and his reward is this esteemed star. You don’t need us to tell you what a Michelin star does for a restaurant’s reputation, yet the general consensus amongst regular patrons of L’Ekrin is that its not before time!


What L’Ekrin has managed to achieved where many of others have failed, is to combine comfort with fine dining. Think chic and elegant chalet and you get an idea of the vibe here. This is not one of those establishments where you are scared to move should you disturb anything. Instead, you get to relax on deep, sumptuous sofas to enjoy pre or post dining drinks in front of a roaring fire. It classes itself as a restaurant and bar, thus reducing the elitism and snobbery often associated with Michelin starred establishments, and also making it a hugely enjoyable place to visit.

If you are settled in those sofas and choose to eat there; no problem. This relaxed and easy going atmosphere is very much at odds with the calibre of the fare on offer but is as refreshing as the air in the views out of the expansive windows. Another tick in a box is that L’Ekrin doesn’t just open in the evenings, you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and any other hunger sating meal you might fancy after a hard day on the slopes.

The sheer choice of delights on offer here, combined with skills of the chefs and the presentation are something few of get to experience on a day to day basis. If you are guest here prepare yourself for a buffet breakfast of such quality and choice that it beggars belief. As this is carried on throughout the day and into the evening dining it is little wonder this restaurant is fully booked months in advance, and is Meribel’s hottest seat.

If the terms A la Carte and snacking seem at odds with each other then this is the place where they blend together seamlessly. Those not ready for a full, gourmet meal can give their taste buds a real treat with a snack menu that puts many restaurants to shame. You will find everything here from Foie Gras and smoked salmon to a club sandwich like no other.

Anyone who wants to add that extra special something to their stay in Meribel is advised to book a table at L’Ekrin. Once you experience the ambience, food, service and exemplary wine list you too will instantly see why it has received it’s new Michelin star, and how well deserved it is.



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