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Posted on: October 5th, 2013 by SkiGB

So our new website story begins like this, once upon a time…
…our old website was starting to look a bit dated, it wasn’t displaying well on mobile devices like tablets and phones and not offering information that we wanted to share . Basically it needed a little update. So we got together with Jumping Giraffe Web Design and explained the functions we wanted to provide our readers.


They said ‘don’t be silly it can’t be done, you can’t do that!’


We said ‘well that’s what we want so there!’


And after some persuasion with jelly beans and chocolate we got what we wanted.
And here it is!


So what is special about our site?


Well it’s fully responsive to not only fit on mobile devices but the site¬† actually displays the data completely differently (try it out on your phone or tablet).


Our homepage reacts to prices of accommodation and ski hire to ensure we show our visitors the best possible deal as quickly as possible .


We understand that if this is your first ski holiday some things are quite confusing, like which ski or snowboard you need to hire. We hear your pain and have come up with a simple and easy way to choose the skis or snowboard for you. Head over to our Ski Rental page to find out more.


We have been working hard with our partners and have produced a brand new search facility to make it easier than easy to find the best accommodation for your ski holiday.


As we’re sure you agree that is a lot already, however we have MORE coming in the next few months.


We hope you enjoy the new site, if there is anything else you would like to see on the site let us know!

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