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Ski or Snowboard Carriage Prices When Flying

Posted on: December 9th, 2013 by SkiGB

So the 2013/14 ski season is among us and some are looking to book their next trip out to the white stuff. Whether you are heading out to Val Thorens, the 3 Valleys or any European ski resort taking your Skis or Snowboard on holiday can add quite a bit to your holiday expenses, after all not all airlines provide free carriage for Skis or Snowboards. So before booking your flight have a look down our little list of airlines and what they charge for your beloved equipment.


Let’s start with the best out there, the airlines that provide FREE carriage for your Skis or Snowboard.

Swiss Airlines and Austrian Airlines will not charge for carriage.


Low cost airlines will charge but I guess you would expect that if you aren’t paying much for the flight itself.


EasyJet charge £30

Jet2 charge £30

Flybe charge £16.50 each way

Ryanair charge a whopping £50!


There is another option and to be honest it’s the best way to get out to the Alps, travel by Eurostar. There isn’t any weight limit, it is very relaxed and takes you almost to the door of your resort. We have timed ourselves from London to Val Thorens going by Eurostar and again taking the normal flight option to Chambery. We found that the two trips almost took the same time from door to door, but going by train was a lot less stressful.


The best bit though is that Eurostar do not charge anything for carriage.


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