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The Best Sledges in the World!

Posted on: October 23rd, 2022 by SkiGB


Ever thought how Santa manages to deliver his gifts to ski resorts?

Of course you have! 😉

You would think he would just land his sledge on the snow and get to work, oh ho ho ho no he doesn’t!


The James Bond Snow Crawler

James Bond pay attention we have the latest snow vehicle from Q branch!



James, we like to call it a Snow Crawler and for once 007 please bring the equipment back in one piece this time!

If you are a budding secret agent or just want one of the coolest snow gadgets money can buy then here it is.

Fully enclosed in a very stylish cockpit protected from the elements and Spectre and their evil henchmen.



To the public the Snow Crawler is just a concept, however, we all know undercover agents get all the cool new toys so they probably have this already!

We have not seen anything to back this up (which doesn’t mean it is untrue!), but we think it is bulletproof, can turn into a helicopter with a flick of a switch and has 2 cup holders!

So either sign up here MI6 Jobs (remember you only click once 007) or hope that one day this cool vehicle makes it into production.


This message will self-destruct in 30secs…….. (oops wrong film)


Did Mercedes design the best sledge in the World?


So once again we have two more new designs of sledges, this time from Mercedes. If you are familiar with their vehicles past and present you will probably guess where they got their inspiration for these!



Mercedes Builds Santa a new Sleigh

Mercedes built him a nice fancy sledge to skip up and down the pistes whilst every one was asleep. And thank god they did too!



Or Maybe Pagani has made the best Sleigh?

Could this be the best snow vehicle ever? It might be the fastest!

The Pagani Huayra, snow edition!


The Equinox Snowcoach

Every so often we spot a new toy for us snow freaks to talk about, this time we have come across the Equinox Snowcoach.

Let us set the scene, you get the snowmobile for Christmas that you always wanted and now would like to take passengers. With only room on the back for one, it would be a problem if you wanted to take more than one person


Not anymore!


With the Snowcoach there IS extra room being towed behind, and in from the snowfall too!

It’s kind of like a small caravan for your snowmobile, hook up and off you go!

The Snowcoach can fit two people and is strong enough for a payload of 350 pounds.

If this is your next purchase it will cost you $2000. Sadly Snowmobiles are not really allowed in Val Thorens (only licence holders are allowed,  ie: local businesses), I guess you could use it as a sledge?



The Skiing Lamborghini!

Feast your eyes for 1 minute and 3 seconds of some lucky guy driving a Lamborghini UP and DOWN a piste. Check out the touring skier, he doesn’t know what’s going on!


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