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Val Thorens Best Piste – Tete Ronde

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by SkiGB
Pretty much every ski resort has its jewel of a piste, whether it is particularly long or maybe known for being really tough to ski all ski resorts have them. For us in Val Thorens it has to be Tete Ronde.


Tete Ronde is not a long piste and being a Blue run it is not a tough one either. It is located off the top of the Telecabin de Peclet right next to the start of the famously long Toboggan (which needs to be tried if ever in resort).


So why is Tete Ronde the best piste in Val Thorens?

Quite simply because of its twists and turns. Tete Ronde starts as mentioned a little bit below the top of the Telecabin de Peclet, follow the piste to the right (when looking upwards) and it will take you through a large gap in the mountain.
The initial start of the piste is a little steeper than the rest of the run but is quite wide so there’s plenty of space to make those wide carved turns, or try again from a failed stem turn.


Top of Val Thorens Tete Ronde


Once down the first decent it flattens out a little but then it’s the start of the real fun bit, the twists and turns!


The first few left and right turns are quite open so you can take them at speed (safely though!!). However don’t get caught out a little later near the end if the run there are some sharper turns including the concluding corner which is a 90 degree right. Because so many do get caught out this corner gets cut up from all the skiers performing an emergency break.


Val Thorens Tete Ronde 90 degree right hand corner


Our Tip: The best way to ski this corner is to flatten the line and keep high left as you enter, then swoop in to the right. By doing this you should be skiing the same direction as the bumps and it should make the turn smoother and flatter.


Val Thorens Chalet la Marine


Then finally it is a dash to the end of the run and join the 2 Combes piste or stop off at Chalet la Marine for a drink and chat about how good this piste is!


A truly great run in Val Thorens and one that can be skied by most ski standards, go and give it ago you’ll love it!


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