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Val Thorens’ The Secret Piste

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by SkiGB

There are always ski areas that are not found out by holiday makers until the latter part of the week and therefore are quiet until then, Val Thorens is not any different.

At the lower part of the Val Thorens ski area there is a piste called Boismint which we think is that piste. This is why we think this.

Let’s split this down into two groups of skiers to make it easier to explain.


Group 1 – Holidaymakers staying in Val Thorens
Group 2 – Day skiers who drive up to Val Thorens and then leave after they have skied for the day


Group 1 – Val Thorens Holidaymakers tend to start the week skiing on pistes near to the resort until they find their feet. So pistes like Tete Ronde (read why we rate Tete Ronde as the best piste in Val Thorens) and use lifts like Telecabin de Peclet as it’s easy to find and near by.


Group 2 – Val Thorens is very popular for day skiers who come up to the resort from down the valley to enjoy the ski area for the day. The resort have spent a lot of money creating a new car park, ski lifts and piste access to get as many day skiers up to Caron (main mountain in Val Thorens) as quickly as possible. Which is great, however they don’t head towards Boismint!


Whether you like piste skiing or just off the piste this is a great place to ski. For the just of the piste skiers you can (with snow permitting) ski a good couple of feet of powder quite often throughout the season, just be careful of the big rocks.


The only negative to ski this area was the very slow chair lift that takes you back up. However this has now changed as Val Thorens have invested once again on upgrading their lift system and from 2014 there is a much quicker lift (read what is new for Val Thorens in 2014 which includes this lift). It also takes you up higher than the old lift.


Finally another good reason why Boismint is handy to know about is that when the cloud comes in (and it can) or when it gets windy (and it can) this area is a good replacement for the lack of trees to protect you.


There you have it, another Val Thorens piste recommendation, it’s up to you if you want to keep it a secret!


Skiing down to Val Thorens Boismint Ski Area

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