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Val Thorens Ski Cross and Boarder Cross Course

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by SkiGB

One of the most popular events at the Sochi Olympics was the Ski Cross and Boarder Cross competitions.
Right from the first heat when the starter let’s the competitors loose it is fast and very exciting to watch and probably compete in too. If you missed the event at the Olympics or have not heard of this event imagine a BMX course made out of snow with humps, jumps and tight corners to endure. Now add 6 skiers or snowboarders all starting in a line at the same time. There are very little rules for this sport so there is the odd collision and accident.

Ski Cross and Boarder Cross captured the interest of the public as it is fast and exciting and you really didn’t know who was going to win until they crossed the line.
In 2006 winter Olympics the favourite to win the female Boarder cross had a commanding lead in the final to pick up a Gold medal, however it didn’t quite go to plan!
She decided to do a trick on one of the last jumps and sadly didn’t manage to land it and gave away a Gold Olympic medal, she is still probably regretting doing that.
Watch for yourself you have to feel for her:


This is what makes this sport so very exciting, anything can happen. It looks fun doesn’t it?!
Fancy having ago yourself with your friends?
Val Thorens has its own Ski Cross and Boarder Cross course which anyone and try their luck on. It is an official championship course and in fact is regularly the first race course used each season.

Val Thorens Ski Cross and Boarder Cross Course highlighted in red

If you are thinking of going on a ski holiday this season or next why not try something new too!



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