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Save Time on Arrival on your Ski Holiday

Posted on: December 12th, 2014 by SkiGB


WOW how exciting it is!


The ski holiday is almost upon you, you have had to wait months and months until you get your chance to stand on the snow for the first time this season. To feel the crunch of the crisp white snow under your feet, there really isn’t a better sound is there?!
Have you got your new ski gear?
Does the new helmet match the rest of the suit and are you fully covered with ski insurance. Yes Great!


When you only have a short amount of time on holiday it is important not to waste any moment of your ski holiday. Most skiers from the UK only get one or two weeks if lucky per season, so about 7 days a year, minus the travelling time that really only gives you 6 days skiing.


Then you get to the resort, whether the ski resort is in the 3 Valleys or elsewhere the procedure upon arriving in the ski resort is the same.


  • Head down to ski shop and join the queue to hire your skis or snowboard (lets hope they have the right equipment in stock for you!).
  • Then join the long queue outside the lift office to buy your ski lift pass so you don’t waste any time in the morning (after all it’s what everyone is going to do!).
  • If you have travelled by car you might need to buy a car park ticket as most ski resorts don’t allow you to park on the roads. You won’t be alone there either so join that queue too!


After all that you might have the chance to get something to eat after your long journey!


WOW not the best way to start your very important ski holiday is it?


The world has changed (shock!) and all those painful jobs can be organised before leaving the UK online, and it couldn’t be easier! Not only can you book everything online right NOW but by booking online you will make sure the correct pair of skis or type of snowboard is sitting there waiting for you when you arrive.


We are going to make it even easier here too by collecting all the links you need for each of the 3 Valleys Ski resorts.

Starting with Courchevel
To book each of the items you need here are the links:
Courchevel Ski or Snowboard Rental
Courchevel Ski Lift Pass
Courchevel Car Park booking
Courchevel Apartments to Rent
Courchevel Ski Insurance

Meribel Information
To make your holiday in Meribel or Mottaret completely organised:

Meribel Ski or Snowboard Rental
Meribel Ski Lift Pass
Meribel Car Park booking (as Meribel is spread out easier to start at main site)
Meribel Apartments to Rent
Meribel Ski Insurance

Finally Val Thorens
It’s really easy to make your ski holiday in Val Thorens Organised:

Val Thorens Ski or Snowboard Rental
Val Thorens Ski Lift Pass
Val Thorens Car Park booking
Val Thorens Apartments to Rent
Val Thorens Ski Insurance

Now you can rest and relax knowing that you will be the smug person on the coach travelling to the ski resort who has everything organised! 🙂