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Will the return trip be as bad?

Posted on: January 2nd, 2015 by SkiGB

And so the week for the holiday makers who had to endure the transfer from hell getting to the resorts is coming to an end and we are all sure the thought of the return journey is playing on their minds.

A lot can happen in the Alps in a week from completely different snow conditions to the organisation of traffic management, we don’t think a repeat of a week ago will happen tomorrow.

That said several tour operators have made the decision to leave the ski resorts earlier to be out of sync with other traffic on the roads and hopefully not get caught up with any jams that may arise.

This is a good idea and very sensible, this weekend the traffic will mainly be going down the mountain road instead of climbing up as per last weekend. It is much more difficult to drive on snow/ice going down than up and more accidents happen in this direction.

However the snow level isn’t too low so the snow on the roads should only affect high resorts like Val Thorens.

The only negative we can see is that the guests will have to get up earlier to leave the resort and wait around in the airports for longer time for their flights.

We think you might as well stay up and not go to bed at all and keep the bar man company. 🙂

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